Find an Indy Bookstore

Looking to buy some books? Support independent, small businesses in your community or online.  Indie Bookstore Finder is a fanatic way to find bookstores in your area or while you travel.

I often travel for work.  This is my list of favorite book spots that leave me feeling connected and happy when I’m on the road. The staff is always terrific at recommendations, too!


E. Shaver, Bookseller [right in downtown Savannah, a tiny house filled with BOOKS! So many books I had a very difficult time keeping to my book budget.  Fantastic selection of cookbooks, books on writing, travel, and fiction/non-fiction.  Cats and coziness to be had!!]


Big Blue Marble Bookstore A small shop in Philadelphia’s Mt. Airy section, you’ll find two floors of books, comfy seating and a small cafe.

Joseph Fox Bookseller [the BEST selection of literary fiction.  Quick at getting you a book if they don’t have it in stock. Small, cozy.  Staff super helpful book nerds who often have terrific recommendations.

Head house Books [Feels like walking into someone’s home. Terrific selection of just released fiction and non-fiction. Fun, large children’s section even an adult will dig.  They have a frequent buyer program. Also terrific at recommendations and getting you out of stock books quickly.

Open Book

Penn Book Center Right on the University of Penn’s campus, this indy bookshop has been a campus jewel for decades. Great shop to browse, often have a SALE table, and the staff are book nerds ready to recommend.

Doyelsetown Bookshop


Jabberwocky Books [ you can spend HOURS in this bookshop, located in the town of Newburyport in MASS.  Love they also have magazines, pretty rare in an indy shop. I doubt you will walk out without a book or two. Fantastic nonfiction/biography section.  Also their nature section was mesmerizing.]


Mac’s Backs-Books great selection of pop/rock music. Also found a lovely section of spiritual books, like Thich nhat Hahn.  Restaurant attached, so you can sit and read while  you eat.

Loganberry Books Wow. Thousands of titles, used and new. Gifts and a cat who will follow you throughout the store. Cozy and interesting. If you love books you must check this out!


Bookhouse of Stuyvesant Plaza

Green Toad Bookstore  [large bookshop with gifts sprinkled throughout.  leather chairs to rest in while you read a good book. Coffee shop attached–no need to leave the building. Well-stocked poetry, fiction and nature sections.  Lots of classical literature.  All the best sellers up front and ready to go.

River read Books [tiny shop filled with good books. tables with staff recommendations, well stocked poetry section–one of the best I’ve seen.]


Crow Bookshop In the heart of downtown Burlington, this shop is a mix of old and new.