Why Listen to Me?


Hello Book-Loving Friend,

If you love books, bookshops, libraries, reading, ideas, and curiosity, then you’ve found your tribe. A Stack of Books is young, still being developed, with unending possibilities for what you will find posted here. What began as a place for book reviews soon grew into a space for exploring the culture surrounding books. A book review might pop up, on occasion. But don’t count on it. Instead come here to explore ideas where books are at the core of the curiosity.

Most of the time I will focus on contemporary literary fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. But that doesn’t preclude the genres. I’m a sucker for a good mystery/thriller, a romance novel done well, and am open-minded to fantasy/sci-fi. Who knows where my curiosity will take us?

For now I will turn to the stack of books by my bed, in the living room, and on my dining room table to delve into worlds outside my own. I read with the expectation of expanding my ability to empathize, and possibly growing my brain, even if just a smidgeon.

Thank you for reading!