The Book I Read With My Eyes Covered

Our public library had been closed for two years.  So when it reopened this past spring I went on a book-borrowing spree. Which, to be honest, hasn’t stopped.  I LOVE MY LIBRARY.  Oops. Digression. This isn’t a blog about my love of libraries (to come, no doubt!) but about a book I borrowed, then sat to binge read over the course of a weekend.

To start with a warning: Read The Winter Girl  by Matt Marinovich if you dare. Or if you are into stories about sick, twisted people.  Some of us are, nothing wrong with that (just don’t *be* one yourself. Not ok).  Read if you are intrigued by mystery and disfunction.

Don’t read this book if you are a person who cannot read very sad, disturbing stories.  Or stories about abuse or horrible events.  There are a few of these kinds of sensitive readers in my life who I would never recommend the book to.  I don’t seek out such stories myself. My preference is a cozy mystery with a cat and a cup of tea.   I read this book like I watch horror movies: against my better judgement, hands splayed across my eyes with just enough space between fingers to peep. I kept reading because I wanted to know why this stuff was happening.

There are a lot of books I don’t finish. The Winter Girl was read through to the end. That says something.  Long after the book was returned to my library, the characters (none of whom,  you should know, I liked) occupied space in my thoughts.  To call this a creepy book with fascinating, disturbed characters seems accurate.  Read at your own risk–you’ve been forewarned.





2 thoughts on “The Book I Read With My Eyes Covered

  1. Not so sure I’ll read this, but you certainly piqued my interest! I just need to wean myself away from Facebook for awhile to get back to my first love – books!


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